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Samatra Yoga Wear

Namaste Dear Friends,

I am glad that you are on my site… Doesn’t matter if you came here by choice or you randomly stumbled upon it …you are welcome either way.  But let me ask you folks, are you a part of the yoga community yet? If not, let me tell you my story about getting into yoga and how it changed the meaning of my life forever… But hey, don’t worry I will keep it short…

My Journey Into Joy

At first, when I got initiated to yoga, it was something I simply liked and practised on and off at a basic level during my school days. It was only in the year 2014, when I decided to take yoga seriously and enrolled myself at a B.K.S. Iyenger Yoga Institute that teaches the Hatha form of yoga. Ever since then, my life has evolved positively at all levels; physical, mental, emotional and above all spiritual. Now even the toughest of roadblocks seem like a cakewalk to me. I am a stronger, more confident and a happier person now. Well, as promised, I will not chat more about myself or about the multi-benefits of yoga anymore. As it is yoga and its various forms is like an ocean that can't be contained in words. However, there is one major aspect of yoga that I would like to touch upon…at the moment, while our blog will talk about its multiple forms and various levels along with other health and wellness subjects...

Little Things That Matter Much…

Yoga clothing! Might seem like a trivial thing to talk about… But my fellow yoga mates or those who are wanting to take up yoga, don’t mistake it for an object of identity or style. There is a difference here; it is not a uniform like that of a cop or a lawyer or a doctor for that matter. Neither is yoga clothing a benchmark of your of fashion quotient. Though we do agree that you must look and feel good about your yoga outfit, but when it comes to yoga, it’s comfort that’s key. When you are doing yoga, it is almost like transcending into another world, and thus your mind and body must be at utmost ease… Imagine you are trying to fix your posture, meditate, arms folded in surrender aiming to reach out to the higher level, but then you get distracted by your bosom going wiggly-woggly… Not cool, right?

I faced this problem myself and then when I spoke to others in the class, they too complained of the same. The lack of precise yoga gear often disrupted people’s concentration during practise. Thus, I began my research for appropriate yoga attire that would keep all my bits in place. I scouted around and wasn’t really satisfied. I realised that either the options available for yoga practice were either too expensive or too rustic for a modern-day yogi. Or the ones that nearly fitted were super sporty. They were more suited for a gym junkie. I needed clothes that would keep me connected to my discipline. So, the only option left was DIY. I began my hunt for good fabrics, and perfect fits and stitches. Soon after, I had my desired yoga gear ready. People began to notice what I was wearing and started asking for themselves. Thus was born Samatra, my tribute to the world of yoga.

Samatra And It's Five Principles Of The Right Yoga Wear…

There are five factors crucial to ideal yoga clothing that hold true not just while manufacturing but also while choosing a a wearer.

Fabric: Cotton, cotton, cotton… eat, breathe and live cotton when it comes to yoga. 100 per cent cotton is a pure and natural material that glides on the skin gently without giving it any rashes or feeling of discomfort. It is an all season fabric and has breathable qualities.

Size: Always wear yoga clothes that makes your body breathe. We do not make skin clingy sizes and neither are they so baggy that you would look like a sack. We just give it the perfect cut and fit so that you feel at ease. It should give you comfort like your second skin.

Colour: Never follow anything blindly. You must like what you wear. Warm or cool colours, choose what sails your boat. And we give you the options.

Style: Your fancy sportswear would make you appear like a disco ball in a prayer room. Yoga clothes must conform to the aesthetics akin to such disciplines. Let them connect to your body and your soul. Beautiful inside out.

Value for money: I personally test each piece, they are capable of withstanding long hours of yoga practise, regular wash and have a lasting shelf life. Though they have been designed keeping yoga in mind but they are versatile enough to be worn for other similar disciplines like Pilates, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Meditation, Dancing, Running, Waling and Martial Arts, etc.

So, well that’s all on offer right now and my vision is to unite the yoga community with Samatra clothing. FYI, Samatra symbolises equanimity and evenness of mind. So go ahead and clear some space in your wardrobe and surrender to one of the most elevating practices of the world.

See you soon with our new offerings...