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What’s yoga without Iyenger shorts? So we readily made Samatra’s version of this famous yoga gear. First and foremost, unlike other tight shorts, the design of Iyengar shorts allows you to move freely during practising asanas. They come in specially handy when your yoga teacher is around and both you and him/her can see the legs to check proper postures. Enhanced by an elastic waist line below the naval, and trimmed with wide cotton cuffs that smoothly glide on the upper thighs; these keep the shorts neatly tucked in minus the discomfort of tight elastics. The fabric is skin-friendly, shrink and wrinkle-free while the colours are fast.

Same available for males. They are unisex.

Please note due to the change in monitor settings the colour of the actual product may vary from the product illustrated on the website.

Product Info:


Wash with like colours only.

Machine wash (gentle stroke) at 30° C.

Do not bleach.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not iron on high temperatures or directly on the print.

Dry inside out.